Laboratory of electromagnetic processes

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    Laboratory of electromagnetic processes

    Laboratory of electromagnetic processes (LEPR) is a subdivision of the Department of electromagnetic processes and interactions of atomic nuclei (DEPNI) of SINP MSU.

    The basic research of the Laboratory concern the studies of giant dipole resonance observed at effective cross-sections of high-energy photons absorption by atomic nuclei. It is a unique phenomenon, the most bright collective excitement in a nucleon (protons and neutrons) system. It carries information about intranuclear dynamics, and during the second half of the 20th century the most фвvanced nuclear centers of the world studied this effect.

    New high-efficiency expereimental methods were developed in the Laboratory in order to study giant resonance. The allowed to measure different resonance features in nuclear reactions under gammas influence. Resonance structure for medium and heavy nuclei was discovered and it caused revision of theoretical concept of this phenomenon.

    Scientists of the Laboratory have studied mechanism of gian resonance decay, discovered an important role of nuclear shells and of isotopic spin quantum number in the excitement and decay of giant resonance. For a big group of nuclei mechanism of giant resonance width formation was determined.

    These intensive long-term studies resulted in a discovery "Mechanism of configuration separation of giant dipole resonance for light atomic nuclei" (discovery N 342, 1987) by Boris Ishkhanov, Igor Kapitonov, Vladimir Neudachin, Vladimir Shevchenko, Nikolay Yudin.

    Currently ths scientists of the Laboratory carry out experimental and theoretical studies of interaction of gammas with atomic nuclei. Results of these studies are presented in a number of papers (Russian and foreign): there are over 300 articles published by Boris Ishkhanov One of the key publications is a monograph "Interactions of electromagnetic radiation and atomic nuclei" bby Boris Ishkhanov and Igor Kapitonov.