Russian and Japan have signed a scientific protocol

A scientific protocol concerning joint experiment by means of the developed orbital telescope onboard the Russian segment of ISS is signed between SINP MSU and Japan Institute RIKEN. The document contains the objectives of the project, principles of data exchange and joint publications, and parties' responsibilities. This protocol provides a basis for the further cooperation between Russia and Japan within the frames of K-EUSO project, but at the level of space agencies - Roscosmos and JAXA.

Operating title of the experiment (K-EUSO) is formed from two joint projects - Russian one KLPVE and international one JEM-EUSO.

KLPVE (Russian abbreviation for Cosmic Rays of Extremely High Energy) - is an orbital telescope-reflector. SINP MSU is a parent organization of the project, Mikhail Panasyuk and Boris Khrenov are principal investigators.

JEM-EUSO (Japanese Experiment Module — Extreme Universe Space Observatory) – is an orbital wide-angle optical telescope. RIKEN Physics Institute of Japan is a parent organization, Piergiorgio Picozza from Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata and the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) is the principal investigator.

Both telescopes are intended for the studies of the comsic rays of extremely high energy of extragalactic origin.

Officials from the RSC "Energiya", TsNIIMash and Roscosmos also took part in the meeting.

Senior scientist of SINP, responsible for KLPVE project, Pavel Klimov told us: "We have discussed both technical issues concerning, for instance, detector's optical system, photoreceiver's structure, and problems on the transformation of KLPVE project from Russian into international".

V.A.Soloviyev, the Chairman of the Coordination scientific and technical council of Roscosmos, was interested in the project and told, that the Council is ready to support it.

According to Pavel Klimov, the scientists and engineers of the Scientific and technical center of SINP have already started manufacturing of press-form for production of a big mirror-concentrator for the future orbital telescope K-EUSO. In particular, 3D model for press-form is developed. Later according to the model a segment of carbon-composite mirror will be manufactured. The programms for the numeric control production center are being developed and necessary materials are being purchased.

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