Laboratory of heliospheric physics

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Laboratory of heliospheric physics

The Laboratory of heliospheric physics (LHP) was organized in 1980. For long years its eternal head is Professor, DSc. German Lyubimov.

The scientiic objectives of the Laboratory are the following: detection and measuring of the solar cosmic rays (SCR) flux and spectrum, galactic cosmic rays (GCR) modulation, diagnostics of solar activity, solar wind and interplanetary magnetic field in the heliospere. It is very important for obtaining of fundamental knowledge about space, for simulation of physical processes on the Sun and in the heliosphere and for solution of the applied problems of spacecrafts, manned stations and materials safety.

Over the years the scientists of the Laboratory have developed and produced onboard squipment for a number of spacecrafts. In 1961-1996 they've conducted space experiments onboard space stations "Zond", "Mars", "Venera", "Luna", "Lunokhod", "Vega", "Fobos", "Granat" (totally 44 stations) and have obtained the most long data series on the intensity of the protons with energy over 1 MeV in space.

Under the supervision of German Lyubimov the scientists of the Laboratory conducted an interdisciplinary MSU project "Magnetic fields and turbulence in space" in cooperation with colleagues from P.K.Sternberg State Astronomical Institute. Within the frames of this project they developed new methods for analysis and exploration of new connections between solar activity, interplanetary space parameters and cosmic rays characteristics in non-stationary and inhomogeneous medium and diagnostics of the processes by means of the effects in cosmic rays.

Deceleration of shock waves and solar plasma in interplanetary environment was found and measured for the first time. Studies of solar flares shock waves deceleration provided a basis for further research in the field of space gas-dynamics, stimulated a number of theoretical and experimental projects in Russia, USA and Europe. It resulted in the development of an International program STIP.

The scientists of the Laboratory have also developed an analytical "reflection" model for coronal and interplanetary distribution of solar cosmic rays in the loop structures of the magnetic field of the corana and heliosphere. A new idea of solar flare and new concept of local radiation belts of the Sun as well as a new model of solar wind and solar magnetic fileds transfer to the heliosphere were supposed.

The scientists of the Laboratory have published over 225 paper in Russian and foreign journals.

Currently the scientists conduct further development the models of physical processes on the Sun and in the heliosphere under the supervision of German Lyubimov basing on the data obtained by the experiments of the Laboratory and by open Internet access.

The scientists of the Laboratory actively cooperate with colleagues from SAI MSY, IZMIRAN, IKI, as well as scientific institutes and centers of the USA, Germany, Japan.