Laboratory of solar cosmic rays

Short name: LSCR

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Laboratory of solar cosmic rays

The Laboratory of solar cosmic rays (LSCR) was reorganized from a Sector, founded in 1968 as a part of the Laboratory of space-physics radiation (currently - the Department of cosmic rays). DSc. Yuri Logachev became its Head, currently he is an acting Head of the Laboratory.

The scientists of the Laboratory is specialized in the field of studies of solar cosmic rays (SCR), produced during the flares and other active processes on the Sun. It is necessary to simulate space conditions in order to provide radiation protection of the cosmonauts and spacecrafts, because the SCR particles are very dangerous due to their radiation influence during the space flights.

The scientists of the Laboratory are highly qualified specialists due to great experience in the field of SCR research which they have gained over the period of the Laboratory's existence.

They carried out about hundred of experiments onboard different spacecrafts which lead to the following results:
- conditions for solar particles propagation in the near-Sun space (inner and outer heliosphere) are determined;
- models of radiation fluxes including Government standard (GOST) for SCR are developed;
- Catalogues of SCR for the events from 1970 till 1996 are developed. Currently the Catalogue for the events beginning from 1996 is being developed.

The scientists of the Laboratory cooperates with colleagues from Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, USA and other countries. The results of their joint research were published in Soviet, Russian and foreign journals.

At the moment the scientists of the Laboratory carry out joint studies with researchers from other scientific centers and institutes in the field of analysis of the earlier and current scientific information.

They also discuss development of new spcecrafts which are planned to fly in the areas still not covered by previous missions.