The MSU Laboratory of electron accelerators will supply the components for the accelerator intended for Rosatom enterprises

The process of assemblying of a radiating element - the basic part of an accelerator

The Laboratory of electron accelerators - the joint enterprise of M.V. Lomonosov MSU and private company "Scantronic Systems" which was organized according to the Federal Law N217 in June 2013 at the initiative of the SINP MSU administration on the basis of the Department of elecromagnetic processes and atomic nuclei interaction, - signed a contract with Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Torij" for the supply of the components for the accelerator for radiography, which is planned to be used at Rosatom enterprise - ZiO-Podolsk.

This accelerator will be an improved version of another one, developed with participation of the staff of the SINP MSU and "Torij", being successfully operated at the analogous Rosatom enterprise in Petrozavodsk for over two years.

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