Investigation of diffractive D^{*+-} meson production in deep inelastic scattering at HERA collider. Part I. Reconstruction of the interactions with D^{*+-} meson production.

Diffractive production of D^{*+-} (2010) mesons in deep inelastic scattering has been investigated with the ZEUS detector at HERA collider using an integrated luminosity of 82 pb^{-1} . The D^{*+-} mesons were reconstructed in the decay channel D^{*+-} -> D^0pi^+_s and D^0 -> K^-pi^+ (+c.c.). The measured integrated cross sections of the D^*production is 8.07+-18 nb.

Document number: 2002 - 25/709

Authors: N.N.Vlasov, L.K.Gladilin, R.K.Dementiev


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