Brane world gravity looks different for observers on positive and negative
tension branes. First we consider the well-known RS1 model with two branes
embedded into the AdS_5 space-time and recall the results on the relations
between the energy scales for an observer on the negative tension brane,
which is supposed to be "our" brane. Then from the point of view of this
observer we study energy scales and masses for the radion and graviton
excitations in a stabilized brane world model. We argue that there may be
several possibilities leading to scales of the order 1-10 TeV or even less
for new physics effects on our brane. In paricular, an interesting
scenario can arise in the case of a "symmetric" brane world with a
nontrivial warp factor in the bulk, which however takes equal values on
both branes.

Document number: 2004-26/765

Authors: E.E. Boos, Yu.S.Mikhailov, M.N.Smolyakov, I.P.Volobuev


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