Космическая физика

Thunderstorms and Elementary Particle Acceleration TEPA-2012

Conference dates: 9 July, 2012 - 11 July, 2012

Space research division seminar

Place: Россия, Москва, микрорайон Ленинские Горы, 1с6 (20 корпус), к. 1-30

Time: 15:00

Weekday: Thursday

Seminar on Cosmic Ray Astrophysics and Space Physics named after Professor M.I. Panasyuk

The subject of the seminar includes the burning problems in the fields of astrophysics and space physics.

PhD and doctoral thesis are also presented.

Расписание текущих семинаров

Прямая трансляция с семинара на сайте института и на сайте семинара.

Place: Москва, микрорайон Ленинские Горы, дом 1, стр. 2; аудитория 3-13

Time: 11:00

Weekday: Wednesday

Space Physics

A special place in the scientific program SINP occupy study cosmic radiation outside the atmosphere in space. Studies of cosmic radiation are the main for the Institute since the launch of II-satellite (1957), which was established instruments designed under the direction of S. Vernov to study cosmic rays.

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