Division of cosmic rays

Short name: DCR

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Division of cosmic rays

Division of cosmic rays (DCR) was organized in 1989 as a result of amalgamation of the Division of cosmic rays and the Laboratory of solar cosmic rays of the Division of space-physics research. The first Head of the Division was DSc Vladimir Shestoperov. Since 2001 the Division is headed by PhD Ivan Yashin.

The Division consists of two laboratories: the Laboratory of solar cosmic rays (LSCR - i.A. Head of the Laboratory is Chief researcher Yuri Logachev) and the Laboratory of galactic cosmic rays (LGCR - Head of the Laboratory is Dmitry Podorozhny). Scietific directions of the research of the Division are represented by the names of the Laboratories.

Within the frames of SINP research directions the scientists of the Division in cooperation with the scientists of other units are involed in develpment, production and supply of the equipment for the experiments onboard spacecrafts for the studies of solar cosmic rays at the energy of 103 - 109 eV, galactic cosmic rays at the energy of 1012 – 1016 eV and space radiation at extremely high energy > 1019 eV.

Currently three projects are under development: "TUS", "NUCLEON" and "RELEC".

Experimental equipmetn "TUS" (Russian abbreviation for "Tracking Instrument") is a telescope for the studies of space radiation of extremely high energy by means of registration of fluorescent radiation of Auger shower propagating in the atmosphere as a result of electron-nuclear cascade initiated by the primary space radiation of extremely high energy > 1019 eV. Scientific equipment consists of segmented mirror-concentrator of 1,5 m2 square and matrix of photoelectric detectors located in the focal plate of the mirror-concentrator. This joint project is developed in cooperation with the Division of the particles of superhigh energies under the leadership of DSc Boris Khrenov. This equipment will be mounted onboard the spacecraft "Lomonosov" in order to carry out fundamental studies of the problem of origin of ultra-high energy cosmic rays (UHECR). Additionally high-speed optical phenomena in the upper layers of the Earth will be studied by means of the "TUS" equipment.

Scientific equipment "NUCLEON" is an instrument of calorimeter type with mass over 200 kg intended for the studies of cosmic rays of energy 1011 – 1014 eV. It is a joint project with the Division of experimental physics of high energies. Scietific eqiupment will be mounted onboard serial spacecraft of "Resur-II" type as additional payload.

Scietific equipment "RELEC" (Relativistic ELECtrons) is a complex of instruments intended for the studies of relativistic electrons recipitations from the Earth's radiation belts, high-speed electroagnetic processes in the atmosphere and the magnetosphere of the Earth and for monitoring of radiation and electromagnetic conditions at low near-Earth orbits. Scientific equipment will be mounted onboard a small spacecraft of "Karat" type.

The Division of cosmic rays cooperates with Russian scentific centers, such as Federal state unitary enterprise "S.A. Lavochkin Scietific and Production Association", VNIIEM corporation, NIIEM Corporation, Federal state unitary enterprise "Special Design Bureau Progress", Pocket and Space Corporation "Energiya".